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With a presence in 29 markets across the Asia Pacific region, ANZ can help you make the most of every business opportunity – in whatever industry you’re in.

Demand for Australia’s agricultural products is growing in the key export markets of Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. With Australian agribusiness exports predicted to double by 2050, ANZ can help you tap into the growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

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The long-term growth story across the Asia Pacific region — particularly in emerging markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam — is creating a boom in infrastructure projects. ANZ gives you insights into the factors at play in each country, and the ideal markets to target. 

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Demand for electricity, gas and water will soon outstrip supply in many countries within the Asia Pacific region, and new infrastructure projects are taking off to help meet this demand. Australian businesses can make the most of ANZ’s presence in the region to capitalise on potential opportunities.

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Today, most electronics manufacturers outsource production to low-cost countries in Asia. As the supply chain shifts towards ASEAN countries where ANZ has a presence, Australian importers of electronic goods will stand to benefit from our deep understanding of local markets and trading conditions.

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Australian financiers, insurers and fund managers are well placed to share in the rapid growth of the Asia Pacific marketplace. Utilising our presence across the region, ANZ can help identify where opportunities are emerging and provide on-the-ground expertise in this industry. 

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When it comes to your financial needs, we work to the same attentive and considerate approach you practice in caring for your patients' health.

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Shrinking profit margins in the manufacturing sector — both in China and beyond — mean that importers of manufactured goods need new strategies to survive. ANZ can help Australian businesses negotiate the best deals and build stronger relationships with suppliers to get ahead in this tough environment.

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In Asia, per capita consumption of plastic is growing and there are great opportunities for Australian businesses to leverage this growth. ANZ provides insights into the factors shaping the industry, and on-the-ground support across the Asia Pacific region.

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Australian legal, accounting and business services providers are well placed to sell expertise to Asia. Meanwhile, Australian developers in residential and commercial property are successfully attracting Asian investment. ANZ can help your business make these connections across the region.

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China’s stronghold in the textile and garment industry may be under threat, with Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar showing great potential in this sector. ANZ gives Australian businesses insights into the changes occurring, and strategies to help boost profit margins in the evolving market.

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Wholesale and retail trade makes a major contribution to the Australian economy. Over 70% of Australia’s two-way merchandise trade is with Asian countries, and as consumption grows across the region, more opportunities lie ahead. Whether importing or exporting, ANZ can help you grow your business.

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Events of the past month have added to the case for the Reserve Bank to ease the cash rate even further than its already record low 2%. 

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Interest rate cuts in the first half of 2015 and a lower AUD have supported a very gradual recovery in non-mining activity in the Australian economy.

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Most businesses need to raise capital at some stage. Here’s a guide to understanding when you need funding and the different types that could work for you. 

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Good management means keeping an eye on your overheads – they can erode your profits if left unchecked.

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Would you like to avoid difficulties getting paid? Looking for some simple, effective tips to help keep the cash coming in? 

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Staying informed about cybercrime activity and protecting your personal and business information from cyber criminals is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

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Department store, Myer, recently said it would retain many of the 3000 short term casual workers hired to cover the Christmas and Boxing Day stocktake period. 

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Cashflow is a problem for many growing businesses. You may be willing and able to take the next step in your business but chances are you will face cash shortages at some stage, even if sales are sky rocketing.

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The Australian economy has entered 2016 on a firmer footing than we expected six months ago.

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ANZ’s technical, tax and superannuation specialists have produced a Federal Budget Summary which outlines many of the key proposals you may need to know, plus possible implications for your business.

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